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In a typical household where the parents work in different companies, there is often a family car used for outings, maybe a small van used for business or an old car which is not frequently driven. It is no wonder why multi car insurance policies have grown in popularity. Today's busy lifestyle leads to households requiring more than one vehicle. Since it is illegal to drive without at least a third party liability insurance in the UK, you need to get as many car insurance policies as the number of cars that you have.

As such, homes with two, three, four or five cars parked in the garage every night are paying the equivalent number of car insurance plans. This will definitely add up to a lot of money if you will buy individual policies for each car. The good news is that with multi car insurance policies, you can have all your cars insured under one umbrella of an insurance package.

How Multi Car Insurance Policies Work

Now, how do multi car insurance policies work? As mentioned earlier, these policies are offered by car insurance providers which allow families to get just one multi car insurance plan for all the cars that they have. The number of vehicles which can be under multi car insurance policies are anywhere from two to a maximum of five. So if you have three sedan cars, an SUV and a mini-van which are all registered under the same address, you can take advantage of a multi car insurance plan.

The way that these car insurance plans work is pretty much like a typical car insurance policy. They provide financial coverage in case you get involved in a car accident. Depending on how comprehensive the policy that you’ll get, you can have protection for the following:

The only difference between individual and multi car insurance policies is that for the latter, a car insurance provider can provide you with bulk discounts. This is considering the fact that you are sending more business their way, and you can become a long term customer if you renew your car insurance policy with them on a yearly basis.

Benefits Of Multi Car Insurance Policies

After learning a bit about how multiple vehicle insurance plans work, what are the benefits that you would enjoy from obtaining one? As compared to individual car insurance policies, you can be given bulk discounts so the cost of insuring up to five vehicles is less than buying individual plans for each of them.

Generally speaking, the more drivers you add to the multi car insurance policy, the cheaper it becomes. In terms of payment, there could only be one due date for the monthly premiums of multi car insurance policies. This is unlike getting individual policies where you would have to remember individual renewal dates and insurance policy numbers. With a multi car insurance policy, there is only one number to take note of, and one renewal date to remember.

Finally, how can you choose the best multi car insurance policy? Just like shopping for individual car insurance policies, you can go online to compare the rates offered by different companies. Visit the best recommended websites for multiple car insurance plans. There are even sites which can email you quotations for the price of insuring two to five cars under one multi car insurance plan.

Before signing your name on the dotted line, make sure that you have carefully read the terms and conditions of the policy. Check on how comprehensive the coverage is. In terms of costs, make sure that you are paying less for the multi-car insurance plan as compared to the total of getting individual plans for each car that you have. Finally, consider car insurance companies which offer perks like guaranteed courtesy car, legal protection, stereo cover or even windscreen repair.

At the end of the day, it is entirely up to you to choose the best multi car insurance policy so that you can get the best value for your money, while also having the most comprehensive financial coverage that you can obtain.

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